Is your neutral needleless connector really neutral?

How does your needleless connector measure up to its marketing claims?

Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice Definitions

Anti-Reflux. Contains a 3-position pressure-activated silicone valve that opens and closes based on infusion pressure; a specific clamping sequence is not required.
Negative Displacement. Allows blood reflux into the VAD lumen upon disconnection due to movement of valve mechanism or withdrawal of the luer tip of a syringe or administration set requiring the specific sequence of flushing, clamping, and then disconnection of the syringe.
Neutral. Contains an internal mechanism designed to reduce blood reflux into the VAD lumen upon connection or disconnection however the sequence of flushing, clamping, and disconnecting the syringe may improve patency.
Positive Displacement. Allows blood reflux on connection and disconnection; a small amount of fluid is held inside the device that displaces intraluminal blood upon disconnection of the set or syringe; requires a specific sequence of flushing, disconnecting syringe, and then clamping.

New blinded study shows most neutral needleless connectors don't function as neutral.

New Journal of Infusion Nursing study shows only anti-reflux connectors are neutral. Your patients are at risk when your needleless connector doesn’t function as you thought. Receive your free copy of the article by completing the form to the right.

Key findings

  • Nexus TKO-6P was 1 of 2 NCs to function as neutral.
  • The Nexus TKO-6P aligns with its marketing category.
  • 5 of 13 NCs did not function as marketed.
  • The Nexus TKO-6P is 1 of 2 devices to provide bi-directional flow control.

Why you should care

The INS Standards (Section 36 B.1) says you should know the category of displacement of your needleless connectors. Since many are marketed in different categories than actual performance, understanding the differences between types becomes critical for patient care. Download the full report to learn more.

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