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Nexus Medical provides resources and a wide range of educational and virtual training programs for proper use of needleless connectors.

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Nexus TKO® improves patient safety and clinical outcomes while reducing costs and complications.

Nexus TKO® technology ensures safe IV infusion practices through anti-reflux needleless connectors. which are the most effective in the prevention of blood reflux, thrombotic catheter occlusions, infiltrations and frequent IV catheter replacements. Learn more about the uses and applications of Nexus TKO® needle-free connectors in these resources.”

VIDEO: AVA 2020 Moureau FlowRighteous Presentation

Dr. Moureau’s AVA20 Virtual Presentation on the 4Vs, hemodilution, and achieving a FlowRighteous PIV Insertion Site.

PODCAST: Vascular Access Teams, IPs Take on COVID

Nancy Moureau, PhD, RN, sits down with Infection Control Today® to explain how infection prevention and vascular access teams can work together.

PODCAST: Using Lean to Improve IV Therapy

On PSQH: The Podcast, host Jay Kumar talks to Lee Steere of Hartford Hospital about how the hospital transformed its infusion therapy practices.

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Reduce the occurrences of occlusions and infiltrates and the high cost of tPA, Heparin and IV catheter replacements.