The Nexus TKO®

“The design of your needle-free connector plays a substantial role in your ability to limit hospital-acquired bloodstream infections.”

– William R. Jarvis, MD

Nexus TKO® Design and Functionality

The TKO infusion device protects your patient’s IV catheter from unintentional blood reflux and microbial ingress.

TKO anti-reflux technology provides bi-directional flow control to prevent unintentional blood reflux from physiological and mechanical pressure changes in a closed IV system.

The Tri-Seal™ design has 3 independent sealing surfaces that have been validated by an outside GLP laboratory to provide a safe, swabable protective barrier to microbial ingress.

Nexus TKO® 3-Position Silicone Diaphragm

The Nexus TKO® anti-reflux diaphragm automatically opens and closes based upon infusion pressure.

When the diaphragm opens, fluid pressure overcomes the patient’s vascular pressure from sources such as an IV pump, gravity IV containers, syringes and pressure cuffs.

When the fluid pressure drops below the patient’s vascular pressure the diaphragm instantly and automatically closes for the prevention of unintentional blood reflux into the patient’s IV catheter, ensuring safety to the venous system.


Blood Reflux Protection 24/7™!


The TKO diaphragm opens forward to safely infuse


The TKO opens in reverse for safe blood sampling

Tri-Seal™ Design Provides Microbial Barrier Protection

The Nexus TKO® Tri-Seal™ was validated using four study groups with four separate bacteria by an outside GLP laboratory using a 96-activation protocol over 96 hours with three 18-hour incubation cycles.





The Nexus TKO®-6P Tri-Seal™ Design Provides 3 Levels of Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7™

Nexus TKO® is Designed with a Direct Fluid Pathway

TKO anti-reflux technology has a clear, direct, rigid internal fluid pathway.

“Needleless connector with a direct – that is, straight – fluid
pathway that facilitates adequate flushing and reduces the
internal surface from biofilm development.”

– William R. Jarvis, MD

Nexus TKO® Product Resources

Nexus offers a wide range of virtual and face-to-face educational resources for healthcare providers and patients. Gain access to presentations for continuing education, podcasts, posters, and other materials.

Get 24/7 IV Protection

Reduce the occurrences of occlusions and infiltrates and the high cost of tPA, Heparin and IV catheter replacements.