Why Nexus TKO®

“Theoretically, blood reflux into either the IV catheter or the needleless connector increases both the risk of occlusion and biofilm formation.”

– William R. Jarvis, MD

Blood Reflux Protection 24/7

The primary cause of IV catheter failure is intraluminal thrombotic catheter occlusions. Watch how blood adhesion occurs.

Why Nexus TKO®

Blood reflux can lead to serious IV complications like occlusions, infiltrations, phlebitis and Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections (CRBSIs).

Occlusions delay IV therapy, increase the risk of CRBSIs, create the need for IV restarts or catheter exchange and prevent blood sampling from midlines, PICC and CVC’s.

WATCH NOW how blood reflux leads to Occlusion and IV Infiltrations.

The 2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice {36.C) recognize that additional factors, such as body movement, respirations, syringe plunger rebound, and coughing, cause pressure changes allowing blood to move into the catheter lumen.

Causes of Blood Reflux and Catheter Occlusions

How Nexus TKO® Works

TKO Pressure Activated Anti-Reflux diaphragm provides blood reflux protection 24/7.

The TKO is engineered to prevent multiple causes of unintentional blood reflux into IV catheters. Integrated into the TKO is the proprietary and highly functional 3-Position Silicone Diaphragm. Our TKO Pressure Activated Anti-Reflux technology is proven in 39 published studies, white papers and poster board presentation to provide a new level of patient safety and protection against unintentional blood reflux which is the root cause of all thrombotic IV catheter occlusion.

  • Our TKO Anti-Reflux technology provides patient safety and protection against both physiological (internal) and mechanical (external) pressure changes which can occur in a closed IV system.
  • TKO requires no change in clinical practice and works with any clamping sequence.
  • TKO automatically provides Blood Reflux Protection 24/7™ and delivers IV Catheter Patency 24/7™.

Nexus TKO 3-Position Silicone Diaphragm


The TKO Diaphragm provides Blood Reflux Protection 24/7™!


The TKO Diaphragm provides Blood Reflux Protection 24/7™!


The TKO Diaphragm opens in reverse for safe blood sampling

Nexus TKO® Product Resources

Nexus offers a wide range of virtual and face-to-face educational resources for healthcare providers and patients. Gain access to presentations for continuing education, podcasts, posters, and other materials.

Get 24/7 IV Protection

Reduce the occurrences of occlusions and infiltrates and the high cost of tPA, Heparin and IV catheter replacements.